radio_clipartOur intention in developing the Ability Radio Project is to create a program that is transferable  to other settings and groups.

Kim has run programs on these principles as part of the Ability Radio Project, Women On The Edge and the Taking Radio 2 Community projects – with people from a diverse range of abilities including PWD, people experiencing poverty and homelessness, and women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The materials are based on simple radio tasks that a novice in radio can learn, practised in a supportive setting.

ARP Info for support workers and parents

Info sheet for support workers carers and parents

Consent form (can be used as a template)

Pre-course questionnaire for support workers parents and carers

ARP Course materials

ARP training guide 2016 for radio producers and trainers – Kim Stewart & Ben Stimpson

Ability Radio Project Course outline

Week1 slideshow Talking about community, having a voice and what Community Radio is

Week2 slideshow Learning to brainstorm: Community Radio rules and our rules, ideas for a show, playing with recording gear, first interviews

Week 2 Handout – Meet The Zoom H1  A simple 1 page guide to the recording device we use

Week 4 & 5 slideshow – interviews – howto – how to do an interview, a quick pictorial guide

Communication Skills-checklist+instructions-v2 – What can you do now?  How to learn microphone technique, meeting a guest, introducing a guest, announcing songs and others things you need to say when on-air.


All these files are in PDF format.  Click link to download Adobe Reader

 External resources

Community Radio Inclusion Support Project

Community Media Training Organisation

META (Media Training Across Europe) – Community Radio training




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