What Works? Engaging People with a Disability in Community Radio @ the CBAA Conference 2017

Session time:  9:30am, November 11, 2017.  Gold Coast Convention Centre.

Kim Stewart (4ZZZ), Steve Richardson (4RPH) and Paul Price (4RPH) will be presenting a workshop & discussion on what can work in engaging more people with a disability (PWD) in community radio.

Since 2015 Kim Stewart has been running radio groups with PWD, in conjunction with an array of community groups including the Community Living Association, Nundah Activities Centre, West End Community House, ABC Brisbane and community radio 4ZZZ.

In 2017 she interviewed PWD from around Australia for her doctoral research to find out what worked for them: how did they get involved in community radio, what helped, what didn’t. Kim puts forward a model, based on those interviews, of how community radio might move forward to include more PWD on air and in our station communities.

Steve Richardson is a radio producer with over 20 years at 4RPH in Brisbane.  He produces Access All Areas, a regular interview based show on disability matters.  Steve is the Queensland Representative for the RPH network.  He is blind.

Paul Price is a board member, producer and volunteer at 4RPH in Brisbane.   He works as an announcer, schedules programming and has a degree in Information Technology that has allowed him to help 4RPH progress their technology.  He is blind.

Find out more about the conference here – https://www.cbaa.org.au/conference



Community Radio 4 Triple Zed  launches a FM station show for and by people with a disability

Have you got a disability and a story to tell? 4 Triple Zed wants you.Only Human branches out into the FM world in Brisbane on 4ZZZ 102.1fm  at 12 noon Mondays  from June 5.

Only Human Gold will give PWD from the community an opportunity to be live on air from August.

The show will feature:

  • members of the People of the Air radio group, Nundah;
  • members of the Whoopeedo Crew radio group, West End
  • Disability news from 4RPH radio veteran Steve Richardson’s Access All Areas  
  • Interviews, events and music from the local community

If you think you’d like to be part of the “live in the studio” experience, and have a story to tell, you can hone your radio skills until then by attending one of our Ability Radio Project radio groups at:


  • Nundah Activities Centre – 15 Jenner St, Nundah.  One Friday a month at 1pm.

West End:

  • West End Community House – 4 Norfolk St, West End.  One Thursday morning a month at 10am.

RSVP:  If you know or work with anyone with an intellectual disability or cognitive difference who might be interested in participating in one of our monthly radio groups, please feel free to contact Kim on 0413397839 or kims@4zzz.org.au

Brisbane ARP radio groups in 2017

Ability Radio Project flyer for 2017 groups.  Same content as the post.Are you interested in learning some radio skills, making friends and sharing your musical tastes?

Do you identify as someone with an intellectual disability or support someone who does?

Come along to one of our MONTHLY radio groups!

  • On the Southside:  We start a second radio group at West End Community House, 4 Norfolk Road, South Brisbane.
    • Starting  9:30 am on Thursday, February 2nd.
  • On the Northside: People of the Air radio group
    • re-starts in 2017 on January 27 at 1:30pm at 15 Jenner St Nundah.

RSVP:  If you know or work with anyone with an intellectual disability or cognitive difference who might be interested in participating in one of our monthly radio groups, please feel free to contact Kim on 0413397839 or kims@4zzz.org.au

And that’s 2016!

potanov16As 2016 draws to close, the Ability Radio Project keeps powering on!
In 2016 we:
  • Visited the ABC – thanks to Bernadette Young and Spencer Howson for hosting us;
  • Visited the 4ZZZ studios – thanks to Innez Tulloch who help us with a tech emergency and the amazing Steve Richardson from 4RPH who came along to be interviewed;
  • Kim Stewart, coordinator, ran a workshop at the 2016 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Conference, along with guest speakers Bernadette Young (ABC), Caroline Savransky and Kate Wadey (Making Airwaves) and Helen Gwilliam (3CR);

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ARP at the CBAA conference November 2016

UPDATE:  Community TV C31 and the CBAA have put our workshop online for all to see:

ARP Coordinator Kim is hosting a meeting of community organisers from radio stations around Australia to get ideas about how to increase the participation of people with a disability in community radio.

If this sounds like you, contact ARP.  If you can’t make it to Melbourne, you can still contribute your experiences via a phone interview and join our knowledge base here:  http://crisponairblog.wordpress.com/listen/

cbaalogo-carousel-image_0Workshop: Building the involvement of people with disabilities in community radio

Community radio was founded on principles of social inclusion. However, despite 1in 5 Australians having a disability (ABS 2008), there are still few programs for or by people with disabilities on generalist stations. What does it take to make community radio work for people with a disability? How can we better support people who may have different needs to participate? In this workshop, hear the stories of people with a disability who have been successfully involved in community radio and develop an action plan to facilitate more involvement of people with disabilities in the sector. The session will include in-person, virtual and pre-recorded messages to the group to help include people with disabilities who are unable to come to the conference.


ARP how-to guide now online

coverWe’ve put together this guide to help community radio producers who want to try running radio groups for people with cognitive differences.

The Ability Radio Project (ARP) is a radio training group for people with cognitive differences. It is a collaboration of Community Radio 4ZZZ & Zed Digital, the Community Living Association and WWILD Sexual Violence Project. The latter two organisations work with people with intellectual disabilities in the community. A pilot program was run in 2015 as a 14 week radio group in the training rooms of WWILD-SVP in Woolloowin, Brisbane.

ARP met once a week to learn about community radio, discuss issues with guests, tell our own stories and practice using radio equipment. We also went on two field trips to the studios of 4ZZZ and the ABC. We produced a radio series, Voiceability, for the Community Radio Network, available for listening on Soundcloud.com. In November 2015 we won the Tony Staley Award for Excellence in Community Broadcasting.

We now run a second, monthly group called People of the Air in 2016 and are planning a second concurrent group for 2017. We also have a monthly radio show on Zed Digital.

This booklet is intended as a practical guide to running similar radio-based groups. It is inexpensive and easy to run with the collaboration of a Community Radio station and disability organisation, and can make a meaningful contribution to improving peoples lives and having fun.

ARP training guide 2016

POTA interview Victims of Crime worker Jane Barrett

zeddigitallogoThe People of the Air, a radio group with 4ZZZs Ability Radio Project, have been doing some great new stories you can listen to online:

In April they talked to Jane Barrett, Victims of Crime worker at WWILD-SVP, a sexual assault service for people with cognitive differences. Produced by Ben Stimpson. Thanks Ben, Jane and the POTA!

You can listen to the show online here: http://soundcloud.com/onlyhuman4zzz/09-050416onlyhuman-pota-2

You can also listen to the People of the Air shows on the first Tuesday of the month, 7pm on Zed Digital.