TR2C project with Whoopee-do Crew bringing radio to community in inner Brisbane

18700247_1925783024332274_4572706074774982525_nThe Brisbane City Council has supported a groundbreaking community radio collaboration with 4ZZZ, The Whoopee-do Crew, OzCare West End and West End Community House’s “Taking radio to the community” project to start this August.

4ZZZ Station Advocate for People With a Disability, Kim Stewart, will get musicians and 4ZZZ journalists together with disadvantaged and homeless aspiring musos at OzCare shelter and see what happens!

Tom Smith from the Whoopee-do Crew has been helping people in the community write songs about their lives and performing them at community events for the last few years.

In conjunction with radio producers and trainees from 4ZZZ we are going to turn that experience into recordings and interviews, teaching each other about our lives and sharing out skills in a two-way learning experience.

Outcomes for the participants, who will come from the Brisbane homeless community, include skills development in voice, scripting, storytelling, interview techniques, working collaboratively, using recording equipment in various environments, digital editing, mastering.

Culturally, 4ZZZ plays an important role in training and sending young newsmakers and media producers out into the real world, and this project will give participants a good grounding in community based reporting and storytelling.

Funded by the BCC Creative Sparks Grants round 2018.

Watch this video by Alison, one of the founders of the Whoopee-do Crew, about what being involved in the community music making means to her:


Author: kim4zzz

Social Worker, Radio Producer and Researcher. Sometimes all three at once.

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