And that’s 2016!

potanov16As 2016 draws to close, the Ability Radio Project keeps powering on!
In 2016 we:
  • Visited the ABC – thanks to Bernadette Young and Spencer Howson for hosting us;
  • Visited the 4ZZZ studios – thanks to Innez Tulloch who help us with a tech emergency and the amazing Steve Richardson from 4RPH who came along to be interviewed;
  • Kim Stewart, coordinator, ran a workshop at the 2016 Community Broadcasting Association of Australia Conference, along with guest speakers Bernadette Young (ABC), Caroline Savransky and Kate Wadey (Making Airwaves) and Helen Gwilliam (3CR);

  • We had an array of great guests and interviews including:
    • Bernard, who talked about scams;
    • Paul who talked about his work with the Young People’s Housing Group;
    • Frances Quan-Farrant who told us about how women with ID are affected by domestic violence;
    • Emily Steele who is working with the UN to make technolocy more accessible to people with ID;
    • Sarah McDonald who is looking at what helps young people with ID move into work and post-school life;
    • Tom and Dan from the Whoopeedo Crew out of West End who help people with ID and other disabilities write and perform their own songs;
    • And Dave, a vision-impaired community radio enthusiast who has trained with 4AAA.
Thanks yous!
  • Donna Williamson and the Community Living Association (CLA);
  • WWILD and CLA who hosted our groups over the year;
  • Nundah Activity Centre, for providing a new space for us to meet;
  • 4ZZZ and Zed Digital for hosting our program;
  • Oula Shihan for her help editing the show for Zed Digital;
  • Queensland University of Technology for use of their radio studio;
  • The Community Living Association’s Self-Advocacy group;
  • The People of The Air radio group:  Paul, Mick, Melissa, Glenn, Bernard,Tim and Danny;
  • Only Human on Zed Digital for filling in the other three weeks of the month;
  • Social work and human services students we have met during the year;
  • All our great guests!
Great news for 2017: 
We start a second radio group at West End Community House, starting on Thursday, February 2nd  9am.
Don’t forget our other group that stars on January 27 at 1:30pm at 15 Jenner St Nundah.
RSVP:  If you know or work with anyone with an intellectual disability or cognitive difference who might be interested in participating in one of our monthly radio groups, please feel free to contact Kim on 0413397839 or
Find out all about us here:
Listen to some of our shows online here:
You can listen to us on-air on the first Tuesdays of the month on Zed Digital at 7pm.
Happy Holidays,
Kim Stewart



Author: kim4zzz

Social Worker, Radio Producer and Researcher. Sometimes all three at once.

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