ARP at the CBAA conference November 2016

UPDATE:  Community TV C31 and the CBAA have put our workshop online for all to see:

ARP Coordinator Kim is hosting a meeting of community organisers from radio stations around Australia to get ideas about how to increase the participation of people with a disability in community radio.

If this sounds like you, contact ARP.  If you can’t make it to Melbourne, you can still contribute your experiences via a phone interview and join our knowledge base here:

cbaalogo-carousel-image_0Workshop: Building the involvement of people with disabilities in community radio

Community radio was founded on principles of social inclusion. However, despite 1in 5 Australians having a disability (ABS 2008), there are still few programs for or by people with disabilities on generalist stations. What does it take to make community radio work for people with a disability? How can we better support people who may have different needs to participate? In this workshop, hear the stories of people with a disability who have been successfully involved in community radio and develop an action plan to facilitate more involvement of people with disabilities in the sector. The session will include in-person, virtual and pre-recorded messages to the group to help include people with disabilities who are unable to come to the conference.


Author: kim4zzz

Social Worker, Radio Producer and Researcher. Sometimes all three at once.

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