Voiceability radio series released

CRNsegs-CRNenews-200x200Our co-produced radio series, Voiceability, is the now available for your listening pleasure.

The members of our radio group have chosen the series title, conducted a lot of the interviewing, and chosen some of the music.  As a group we have learnt interviewing skills, composed interview questions, recorded voice-overs and brainstormed ideas for these shows. We’ve also had a lot of hands-on and in the field fun with excursions to 4ZZZ102.1 and the ABC studios, met a lot of new people from the radio and disability support community, and even made our own t-shirts!

The 10 part Segments series (8 minutes each) is downloadable from our Soundcloud account at:


We would like to thank the Community Broadcasting Association of Australcbaa-logoia – Segments Series – for allowing us to tell our stories to a national audience.

I hope you enjoy our efforts, the ARP radio group were simply awesome to work with.  We look forward to our second semester group starting in late August.


Voiceability – Synopsis

Episode and Synopsis Voices
1. Getting around: Moving about the world as a person with a disability is fraught with difficulties.  In this first episode we talk about some of our lived experiences of people with a physical disability. Music: PKN, Atmosphere. Alicia, Jayden, James, Ben & Kim
2. Work: A form of socially valued activity that many people with ID miss out on, work is also a valuable place to meet people and make friends. Music: PKN, They Might Be Giants. James, Felice, Jesse, Ben & Kim
3. Education:  Our group talks about the good and bad of their educational experiences. Music: PKN, Alice Cooper.*Trigger warning* This episode has content that may upset people who have experienced trauma James, Felice, Michael, Jayden, Ben & Kim
4. Family: Love them or hate them, we can’t choose them.  We talk about family. Music: PKN, Jack Johnson. Jesse, James, Jayden, Ben & Kim
5. Independent Living:  One of the challenges for people with ID is achieving independence. Music: PKN, Tralala Blip. Felice, James, Jesse, Jayden, Ben & Kim
6. Animals:  Some of our best and most memorable friends are our pets and animals we admire. Music: PKN, Gorillaz feat. Lou Reed. Glenn, Leona, Bernadette (ABC), Alex (4EB)Ben & Kim
7.  Mental health and disability: People with ID often suffer from depression and other mental health problems.  Our group recognise the importance of seeking help. Music: PKN, Vitamin String Quartet.*Trigger warning* This episode has content that may upset people who have experienced trauma Jayden, James, Jesse, Ben & Kim
8. Community: What does it mean to be part of a community?  What is the experience of inclusion for people with an ID?  What is real social inclusion?  Music: PKN, The Tragically Hip. Felice, James, Morrie, Ben & Kim
9. Seeking support:  No one is an island.  Living with an intellectual disability often means our island is populated with support workers, carers or guardians. Music: PKN, The Kinks. Ben & Kim
10. Being and disability: Is it only a word?  How does it define, or not? Music: PKN, David Bowie. James, Felice, Jayden, Ben & Kim



Author: kim4zzz

Social Worker, Radio Producer and Researcher. Sometimes all three at once.

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