Thanks to the ABC

Last week our radio group had a tour of the ABC studios: we saw the 612 radio studios, the news studios, the control room with LOTS of screens and the offices where the staff make the magic happen!

Thanks to the fabulous Bernadette for having us.

Here’s the pics:

DSCN0194 DSCN0196 DSCN0198 DSCN0199 DSCN0200 DSCN0201 DSCN0202 DSCN0203 DSCN0204 DSCN0205 DSCN0212 DSCN0213 DSCN0214 DSCN0215 DSCN0219 DSCN0221 DSCN0223 DSCN0224 DSCN0227 DSCN0228


Author: kim4zzz

Social Worker, Radio Producer and Researcher. Sometimes all three at once.

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