Brainstorming through Week 2

W2 ARP Team: It's All Good
W2 ARP Team: It’s All Good

I once told my colleagues that my style of organising is “flying by the seat of your pants”  and that was certainly necessary today as we needed to adjust our plans on the fly.  We had planned to chat to Making Airwaves by Skype, but instead spent a very productive day brainstorming ideas for our shows, and having our first go at using the recording equipment.

One of the things I always like to do in non-hierarchical groups is make a group agreement about how we should behave.  And what a thoughtful and polite group we have!  A discussion about the rules of community radio (the Community Radio Code of Practice) led into a very interesting talk about when and where it is ok to swear, and the kinds of things that make us all want to swear.  We agreed that some times it might be ok to swear if you hurt yourself, or someone is very mean to you, or you are telling a story where swearing is necessary part of the dialogue.  But as a group, we didn’t think we’d need to swear on the radio, and everyone understood the idea of giving a “language warning”.

Ben Scribin'
Ben Scribin’
The most polite rules ever
The most polite rules ever

We discussed the idea of inclusiveness and how a rule about not saying anything that is “racist, sexist or homophobic” on the radio should also include “abelism”  and in fact the code is inclusive without being specific by saying community radio should

“Promote harmony and diversity and contribute to an inclusive, cohesive and culturally-diverse Australian community”.

Something we can all agreed on.

A highlight for me was near the end where J and F had a go at interviewing each other.  I’m editing that together this week so you can have a listen.

Cheers, Kim




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