In our own voices: comments from the group

From week 2 or 3 group members will be contributing to the blog.  Until then, here’s a few of the great comments we heard in Week 1.  Thanks to everyone who made Week 1 great!!

Why are you here?

  • “I got some experience I’d like to help everybody to have a voice. “
  • “Beach boys, beach boys, beach boys”
  • “Excited to hear what people want to share” (SW)
  • “Want to see how radio is made” (SW)
  • “Interested in seeing how it is going to work out” (SW)
  • “It’s the first time I’ve had the chance to work in radio”
  • “I love music”
  • “I’m hoping to make friends, have fun and play music”
  • “Do something new”
  • “It’s about including marginalised people” (SW)
  • “I’d like (participant) to use his radio voice” (SW)

What’s different about community radio?

  • “Commercial radio is scripted –they tell you what to play and when…It’s different at 4ZZZ…you can ring up and say ‘play this’”
  • “I believe in being different, not being put in a box”  (to which someone responded: “You’re on fire!”)
  • “Democracy is when you have a voice to express your opinion”

What do you want to talk about?

  • “I want to interview someone with a mental illness, who’s had a bad time, to hear about their experiences”
  • “I want to hear about different music types” (SW)
  • “Beach boys!”
  • “I want to support people to share” (SW)
  • “I want to advertise or mention the organisations I know about, like CLP and WWILD”
  • “Music and interviews”
  • “Owls!”

Author: kim4zzz

Social Worker, Radio Producer and Researcher. Sometimes all three at once.

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