Help! I’m learning new skills!

computer_smoke_130873 (1)I would like to first acknowledge that this is my first ever, inaugural blog post, on this site or any other. It took me a while to even figure out how to make it and I don’t know if I should be concerned that I’m much younger than K but apparently much less tech savvy. That being said, I’m really excited about the idea of this blog and the project as a whole. I think the ability to reflect back and look critically about how we tackle the project, as facilitators and as a whole group, will be really valuable, and so I’m happy to be stepping with brave uncertainty into the blogosphere.

Along with figuring out wordpress, I think myself and the students are soon to be diving head first into figuring out radio equipment and the editing software Audacity, and I’m becoming reacquainted with slideshows to support the first few weeks where we explore some core concepts together. At first the prospect of all of this new learning I need to do feels like I’m Marge Simpson considering teaching piano lessons, when she says “I just need to stay one class ahead of the kid”. However, when I think about it a little bit more I realise that what we’re undertaking has nothing to do with me needing to pretend be an expert or a teacher, (and the people I’m engaging with certainly aren’t kids!). Amongst K, the students G & K, the participants and myself, we are all of us about to embark on a remarkable journey of learning and exploring new territory. There isn’t a leader and we don’t have anybody to tell us where to go, how to get there or where we need to end up. Everybody involved is going to have different skills and knowledge that they can lend to the expedition, and everybody is going to learn some new stuff as well.

Without leaders, teachers or experts, we can move together, learn together, support each other together. The beautiful part is that if we can stick to doing those things together, hopefully wherever we end up will naturally be a happier and more fulfilling place than if anyone pretended to know everything and tried to direct everyone to where they thought we should be. After we do the course for the first time, hopefully each step we take will make me a little less nervous, but the places we reach and the things we see along the way will be different each time as new people add new knowledge and insight as we go. Some of it might be tough, and certainly while we are still preparing I feel like I should work hard so when we start the journey we can avoid some of the unnecessary bumps and potholes. Regardless, I think the most important learning after meeting with K, K and G last week is to relax even in the face of the unknown. We can rest in knowing that we are making this journey into the new to benefit those for whom sticking in the realms of ‘the known’ isn’t all that great. it is a time for change, and it is not necessary to approach change with knowing and certainty, it is more necessary to be open.

I look forward to adding more reflections to the blog as we go along, as well as reading the perspectives of others to better inform the project.


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